i AM home.

back to my SANCTUARY.

far from INSANITY.

watched a movie with him. so close, yet i felt so distant. i’m sorry dude.
called me after getting a new gf? what? u’re trying to gloat aren’t u?


You have a sweet boyfriend but yet you dont know how to appreciate him..girl, you must learn to appreciate him before u losing him :)

#mentalnotetomyself! :)

i’ll never regret our temporary fling. just don’t appear in my newsfeed, timeline & blogger comment box.
u found someone else? congratz then. now get out of my sight.
dude u r playing with fire, did u know that? u obviously have a girlfriend.
keep it cool girl….keep it cool…never underestimate the power of exes…..
it was a blessing that u didn’t have a tumblr…or else i wouldn’t be able to express my feelings for u mindlessly. i was extremely worried when u told me that u fall sick just from playing in the rain. please be more careful with your health ;(
if u stumbled upon my page, u should know that i'm frequently disconnected from the reality...